Curriculum Statement


Curriculum Overview


All pupils at Gentleshaw Primary Academy have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes their spiritual and moral development whilst preparing them for the next stage of their learning journey. Our curriculum is relevant to 21st Century life and the ever changing culture aiming to encourage children to become lifelong learners. 

Our pupils are at the heart of all that we do at Gentleshaw so we ensure a curriculum that is child centred. Differentiated to meet individual needs, we seek to ensure that our curriculum equips our children with the knowledge and skills to meet their future challenges and prepare them for later life. We aim to foster children’s love of learning through an inspiring, stimulating, exciting and creative curriculum whilst providing children with rich opportunities to explore and investigate, becoming resilient, confident and independent learners.

We have high standards and expectations and develop pupils in being reflective of their own work, understanding their strengths and knowing where to take their learning next. We encourage children to be aspirational and know that with hard work and dedication they can achieve their dreams. Our Learning Log projects encourage families to get involved in pupils learning, providing opportunities for learning to be extended to the home, and enabling parents to support children at home, maximising children’s knowledge and understanding. Our curriculum builds upon children’s prior knowledge and strengths and develops their confidence and skills in learning. We promote skills that support our children in making positive progress and ensure effective performance.

One of our main priorities at Gentleshaw is to ensure our pupils are happy, prioritising their self-esteem and well-being. Our pupils are individuals and we seek to support all children equally with high regard to their individual needs.  We want our pupils to love learning, being proud and inspired to come to school each day. Another thing that makes Gentleshaw special is the great importance we place on the relationships all stakeholders in school have, promoting happy, open and respectful relationships.

Our curriculum is designed and planned with high regard to both academic and personal development. It places equal value on core subjects (reading, writing and maths) and foundation subjects (e.g. history, geography, art). Each class teaches PSHE (personal, social, holistic, emotional) and has focus days around subjects such as staying safe online, this means that our pupils have opportunities that develop not just their core skills but physical and emotional well-being. Enabling our children to meet and exceed expectations is of vital importance to us, but equally so is their safety, well-being, happiness and love and thirst for learning.