Oak class trip to Cannock Chase

This half term Oak class have been looking at the topic of ‘Enchanted Woodlands.’ On Tuesday 19th March, we visited Cannock Chase to embark on an Enchanted Woodland experience. We toasted marshmallows on a campfire and built fairy houses from sticks, leaves and a lot of pine cones! We also had a visit from Naughty Norris the Dragon, who stole our lunchboxes! Thankfully we found them and we gave Naughty Norris some horrible mini-beast soup to eat instead of our lunchboxes. The children had so much fun getting messy!


Year 6’s Trip to Paris

At 4:30am on the 25th March, Y6 along with Miss Thompson and Miss Greensill embarked on the 12 hour journey to a small town just south of Paris called Lesigny. From the offset there was excitement! For many it was their first time on the channel tunnel which was certainly an experience! The group stayed in a beautiful chateaux which housed the Brazilian football team during the 1998 World Cup! The week was filled with activities and the group spent their time walking up the Eiffel Tower, walking down the Champs Elysees, exploring the beautiful sights around the Sacre Coeur and a private tour of the Stade De France! The week was finished off by a fantastic day at Disneyland Paris which created memories that will last a lifetime!

paris 3.jpg

Year 5’s trip to Standon Bowers

On the 11th March 2019, Year 5, along with Miss Thompson and Mr Garner travelled to Standon Bowers for a week of fun-filled outdoor activities! After the initial struggle of making the beds, the children headed outside for what would be a fantastic week. The activities consisted of rock-climbing, archery, high ropes, caving, bush craft and cycling at some speed round a custom built BMX track. The children spent the week with Mr Chapman, who was one of the guides at Standon Bowers. He was extremely knowledgeable and certainly made the trip one to remember!  On Thursday the group went offsite and spent 3 hours underground at the Alderley Edge copper mine, which dates back to the 1800! Fears were broken, goals were accomplished and many memories were made

standon Bowers 1.jpg
standon Bowers 2.jpg
It was surprisingly better than I thought it would be
standon Bowers 3.jpg
Standon Bowers 4.jpg

Willow’s Trip to Weston Park

This half term Willow’s topic has been ‘A Child’s War’, so on the 5th March we all went to Weston Park for a WW2 experience day! The children learnt all about the different shelters, and saw both an Anderson and Morrison shelter! We discussed different gas masks and also looked at a typical 1940s living room. We finished the day off by making a warden’s head out of clay! What a fantastic day we had!


Rock it! Music Assembly

This week started with a bang - on a drum! We were really lucky to have  John  from 'Rock It!' come in to teach the whole school about all things musical. John brought in different guitars; his drum set, a saxophone; a keyboard and even had a go on our school piano. He told us all about different genres of music and music through time, as well as pitch and volume and how different instruments make their sound. We got to try some of the instruments and the teachers even had a go with him. The session flew by and we all learnt something we didn't know before.

A big thank you to John, we're really looking forward to him coming back into school with the steel drums!

Rock it.jpg

'Lucy's Blue Day' Author Visit by Chris Duke

On Friday 29th March we welcomed the author Chris Duke into our academy, he had travelled all of the way from Scotland to come and meet us!

Chris shared his book 'Lucy's Blue Day' with the children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The children were engrossed and asked lots of interesting questions as well as answering some of the questions Chris asked them.

It was a fantastic opportunity to hear about a wonderful book and to speak to a real life author. A huge thank you to Chris for taking the time to see us - we are very much looking forward to your new books coming out in the future.


Pine class trip to Beaudesert

On Friday 22nd March, Pine class went to Beaudesert for a ‘super’ class trip. The children climbed monkey trees, explored dark caves and completed an exciting assault course.  As a class, we worked together as a team, demonstrated fantastic determination and overcame many fears. All attributes of a real-life ‘superhero’.  It was a day full of smiles, giggles and new experiences.

What a great day we had!

beau 2.jpg

Sycamore Class trip to West Midlands Safari Park

As part of Sycamore’s topic on ‘Predators and Mighty Beasts’ we were lucky enough to visit West Midlands Safari Park on the 12th March 2019.

The children loved visiting all the animals and meeting some animal friends in our Classroom session ‘Who Eats Who?’

We were also lucky enough to visit the newly opened Ice Age Adventure and meet some of the life size dinosaurs in Dinosaur World.

It was an amazing day with great memories made. Thank you Sycamore for being awesome!


RE Day -Willow & the festival Holi

On Friday 25th January, Willow class learnt all about the Hindu celebration of Holi and spent the day doing colourful art and craft activities. 

A famous tradition of the Holi celebration is the Colour Run, which sees thousands of people from all over the world covering themselves in bright coloured powdered paint. Miss Thompson thought this would be a great opportunity for Willow to have their very own Colour Run, so that is exactly how they spent their afternoon!

What a fantastic day!

Holi 1.PNG