RE Day -Willow & the festival Holi

On Friday 25th January, Willow class learnt all about the Hindu celebration of Holi and spent the day doing colourful art and craft activities. 

A famous tradition of the Holi celebration is the Colour Run, which sees thousands of people from all over the world covering themselves in bright coloured powdered paint. Miss Thompson thought this would be a great opportunity for Willow to have their very own Colour Run, so that is exactly how they spent their afternoon!

What a fantastic day!

Holi 1.PNG

Grandparents Festive Parties.

Our final week of Autumn Term 2 was an extremely exciting week for all. A certain highlight of the week was hosting our annual grandparents parties! Before the merriment began, people were welcomed into the warmth with a hot drink and festive mince pie. Throughout intervals in between the children singing, Mrs.Parsons held a Christmas quiz for all to take part in. Smiles lightened the room and a few heartwarming tears were shed when the amazing pupils came and performed a Christmas song within their classes. Not only had the children clearly worked hard on their songs, but they were also having such an undeniably enjoyable time which is what we love to see. Concluded with one of our raffles, it is safe to say that the Grandparents parties were thoroughly enjoyed by guests, staff and most importantly the children! 

Magical Winter Wonderland

Not only was the last week of the Autumn term full of festivities and Christmas fun, but we also were surprised by a magical mystery guest here at Gentleshaw! Our school was transformed into a frosty forest! By who or what? Nobody knows! As we entered school, we saw snowy footprints leading to our classrooms. Incredibly icy handprints were scattered throughout the hall on the windows and doors. Towering trees made way to a secretive cave that had belongings inside! Whose belongings? With excitement and curiosity, we all created wonderful pieces of work based on our amazing adventure in our very own Narnia. Could it have been Jack Frost? Elsa? Bigfoot? The Snow Queen? If the mystical guest is reading this, we would like to thank you for our magical Monday morning.


Math's Day

We have some amazing 'Mathmagicians' at Gentleshaw and our Whole School Maths Day has proven it. On Wednesday 14th November the entire school got involved with Gentleshaw's 'Jump Into Maths'. We started the day off with some songs related to different facts from our times tables. Each class was given a song to learn and performed it in front of the entire school. The children were amazing performing with different dance moves and singing out aloud all the lyrics to the songs. 

After this, each class started their first activity which looked at Maths in a practical and fun way. Activities included:  looking at playing various board games linked to maths skills; following a recipe to create their own Playdoh which they used to make fractions and shapes; taking part in a treasure hunt style number hunt where they had to work out various calculations; getting practical through different circuit training activities linked to Maths and creating their very own shape city, making 3D shapes out of 2D nets.

The children enjoyed all the activities as it allowed them to use their own maths skills in different contexts. We finished off the day by recapping everything that we'd done through a PowerPoint in an assembly. This is where we unveiled Times Tables Rockstars which the children can now access at school and at home. This is another fun activity that the children can use to improve their Maths skills.

What a fantastic day, packed with fun, engaging activities. A great effort from all! Take a look at our pictures on our schools Twitter account and keep up to date with other activities on our News Feed.


Gentleshaw's Remembrance Day.

Friday 9th November marked Gentleshaw’s Remembrance Day. Prior to the day, the children were all asked to bring in a stone; these were painted and used to create a whole school poppy. Throughout the day the children enjoyed a variety of activities including, Monet-style poppy painting, poppy crafts and role-play. The children enjoyed all the activities and it allowed them to understand why we remember and wear a poppy. During the afternoon Reverend Lynn held a service to remember those who had fought in all conflicts. She read out the names of servicemen from Gentleshaw whom lost their lives fighting and the children listened to prayers and hymns. Reverend Lynn finished the service with a two-minute silence and then played the Last Post, during this Sycamore and Willow created a heart out of poppies they had made with Mr Chapman. Another great day! To see pictures of all the activities don’t forget to check out our twitter page.

Attendance 2017-2018

This week we have rewarded children who attained 97% and above attendance for this academic year with a treat of cake, and for the children who attained 100% attendance they got a visit from a local ice cream van! Well Done to all those children on their outstanding attendance!


We are very proud of all of our classes attendance records for this year - A huge Well Done to everyone!

Ash Class - 95.6%

Oak Class - 96.9%

Pine Class - 97.2%

Sycamore Class - 95.8%

Willow Class - 96.1%

Celebration Assembly

This morning, the whole school came together for a special assembly.  Instead of golden acorns we were celebrating sports achievements.  Certificates from Miss Woolley were given for dedication in PE lessons, New Record Certificates for Sports day events were also given - there were lots more records broken this year! and to sports leaders for their contribution to sport - A Huge Well Done to all those children.


Summer Fayre

Our much anticipated summer fayre proved to be a remarkable afternoon for the adults and children! The beaming sun gave that extra summery feel as the BBQ sizzled away and the marvellous mix of stalls enticed people to participate in awesome activities!

This year we included a nail painting stall where some had pretty pinks or glittery gold.  However, a new nail theme became very popular: England themed nails!

In addition to this, the children took an extreme amount of pleasure in throwing soaking sponges at teachers who were trapped in the dreaded socks! We believed it looked rather refreshing in the June sunshine! 

On the whole, the summer fayre was a spectacular success which was enjoyed by all! we are already looking forward to next year's fun!! A huge Thank You to our F.R.O.G.S for organising the event.