Harvest Poetry Assembly

There are three things we love here at Gentleshaw: awesome assemblies; exciting poems and special harvest time! So what did we do? We combined all three and had a very enjoyable morning as a whole school. The children loved performing their poems as well as listening to the other classes do theirs. The atmosphere was wonderful, with the children all supporting each other and eagerly showing so much enthusiasm!
To start off the celebrations we had an extremely entertaining rendition of ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ with an interesting twist from Willow Class. They combined the poem with the ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ tune and created a super cool harvest rap!
Next to stand up and amaze us was Sycamore class with their poem ‘The Farmer.’ It taught us about the importance of harvest so our assembly wasn’t just fun, it helped us to learn too!
Following on from Sycamore, Oak class delivered their very merry ‘Harvest Samba’ song. It made us all dance and sing along: they shone like little samba superstars!
Ash class then did a fabulous rendition of ‘Five Little Pumpkins.’ This is the first time they have ever been a part of our amazing harvest poetry assembly and they made us all so proud! If you closed your eyes you would have thought you were listening to professional poets!
Last but not least was Pine’s powerful performance of ‘Autumn Days.’ Like Sycamore’s poem, Pine taught us many things about harvest as they projected their lines. What a dazzling job you did Pine! Our mix of poems, raps and songs made us appreciate harvest and everything special that it brings. The performances were ones to be proud of and we even think that Simon Cowell would be impressed! Well done children!