Harvest Donations

At this time of year, the crisp Autumn leaves fall from the trees creating an outdoor carpet of the most beautiful browns, reds and oranges. It is a special time of year as the excitement of the upcoming Christmas season approaches. We not only appreciate the beauty of nature during this season, but also the things it gives to us. During Harvest, we feel grateful for all of the delicious crops that have been grown, collected and gathered! We know that we should be thankful for the food we eat and the meals that we thoroughly enjoy; this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Throughout the year we know it is important to give back to the community, but at this time of year especially! We know that some people need that extra bit of help when it comes to getting food. As a school, at this time every year, we all bring in food donations of all shapes and sizes! Amazingly by 9:00am, our hall was brimming with wholesome and scrumptious foods ready to be given to a great cause!  Our children are incredibly thoughtful and considerate: their generosity inspires us! In the hall sat endless tins, jars and packets of food that will be so nourishing and appreciated by those who need it. It makes our hearts warm to know that we have helped others. So at this time of year be thankful for not only nature’s Autumnal gifts of colourful leaves and frosty morning walks, but be grateful for what we have, the food we have on our table and the people we have around us.