E-Safety Day 04.01.18


Yesterday we focused on E-safety and how it important it is for our children to remain safe whilst online or when communicating via text etc. We are aware of the increasing amount of opportunities there are for children to access technology. This technology allows them to use the internet and to also speak to others whether through SMS messaging or facetime.  During our E-Safety day, the children focused on the many areas of technology that can be deceiving and misleading, ultimately resulting in potentially dangerous/upsetting situations. The children took part in many activities that highlighted what could happen if they aren’t sensible and safe online and when communicating on their phones and laptops. They looked at how is can be easy to fall into the traps on the internet and technology, including :  spam emails that encourage you to click links that download viruses; emails/texts that mislead you into sending personal information; passwords and people pretending to be somebody they aren’t when talking through social media or a chat room. As well as this, they also discussed how people can use technology to bully and upset others. The children learned how useful and beneficial the internet and technology can be, but that it is extremely important to be sensible when using them in order to have a fun and safe experience.