Star Dome

Our first day back at school was out of this world – quite literally! The children were transported into the glistening night sky but we didn’t have to travel; we got to see it right in the comfort of our own school hall! Thanks to the National Space Centre, we had the incredible opportunity to sit and experience many exciting things inside the Star Dome! Some of us were told stories that were projected onto the dome walls and others of us learned about how the ancient Greeks created constellations in the stars! The stars that were projected onto the dome walls looked like dazzling diamonds on a black canvas. It felt like we were looking up at the real night sky as the shimmering stars surrounded us! Our aim over the next couple of months is to become star gazers and identify Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper and the Leo constellation. As well as being thrillingly exciting, the star dome was also educational and instilled new interests upon the children (and some staff)! 

star dome.jpg