Math's Day

We have some amazing 'Mathmagicians' at Gentleshaw and our Whole School Maths Day has proven it. On Wednesday 14th November the entire school got involved with Gentleshaw's 'Jump Into Maths'. We started the day off with some songs related to different facts from our times tables. Each class was given a song to learn and performed it in front of the entire school. The children were amazing performing with different dance moves and singing out aloud all the lyrics to the songs. 

After this, each class started their first activity which looked at Maths in a practical and fun way. Activities included:  looking at playing various board games linked to maths skills; following a recipe to create their own Playdoh which they used to make fractions and shapes; taking part in a treasure hunt style number hunt where they had to work out various calculations; getting practical through different circuit training activities linked to Maths and creating their very own shape city, making 3D shapes out of 2D nets.

The children enjoyed all the activities as it allowed them to use their own maths skills in different contexts. We finished off the day by recapping everything that we'd done through a PowerPoint in an assembly. This is where we unveiled Times Tables Rockstars which the children can now access at school and at home. This is another fun activity that the children can use to improve their Maths skills.

What a fantastic day, packed with fun, engaging activities. A great effort from all! Take a look at our pictures on our schools Twitter account and keep up to date with other activities on our News Feed.