School Mystery


On the 1st February 2018, something very strange happened at Gentleshaw Primary Academy…

The staff arrived at school to discover that things weren’t as they had been left the night before. On the front lawn a huge hole had been dug and filled with straw – almost as if it had been turned into a nest! The vegetable garden had been pulled apart and there were footprints around the school building and even up to the roof.

Due to the strange goings on, areas had been cordoned off and Mrs Parsons was eager to find out the cause. Quickly the children set to work, investigating, hypothesising and trying to solve the mystery. Who had done this? Were they alone? Were they even human? But that wasn’t where it stopped. At approximately 10.04am (GMT) a discovery was made in the school hall. Slime of some kind trailed across the floor, leading from the window to the kitchen. Everyone gathered to analyse the new evidence.

We still don’t know and maybe never will, who or what had visited our school that day. But one thing is for sure, the children produced some incredible writing based upon it.