The Squirrels earn another epic 4 points!

Game one vs Boney Hay. Drew 0-0.

Goalkeeper Alfie

Centre back jack  Right back Bryn

Left back Willis  Midfielder Tyler

Midfielder Theo  Striker Archie

In our first game, we drew 0-0 with Boney Hay. We did not deserve the draw, we should’ve gained more from the match. We were by far the better team throughout the whole of that match. Well done lads for doing so well!

Game two vs Highfields. Won 2-0

Goalkeeper Alfie

Centre back Jack   Left back Willis

Right back Sachin  Midfielder Tyler

Midfielder Theo  Striker Archie/Will

In our second game, we played even better than the first with a 2-0 win over Highfields. The successful goal scorers were Archie and Jack. Well done lads you’ve done our school proud.

By Willis Brown