School Mystery


On the 1st February 2018, something very strange happened at Gentleshaw Primary Academy…

The staff arrived at school to discover that things weren’t as they had been left the night before. On the front lawn a huge hole had been dug and filled with straw – almost as if it had been turned into a nest! The vegetable garden had been pulled apart and there were footprints around the school building and even up to the roof.

Due to the strange goings on, areas had been cordoned off and Mrs Parsons was eager to find out the cause. Quickly the children set to work, investigating, hypothesising and trying to solve the mystery. Who had done this? Were they alone? Were they even human? But that wasn’t where it stopped. At approximately 10.04am (GMT) a discovery was made in the school hall. Slime of some kind trailed across the floor, leading from the window to the kitchen. Everyone gathered to analyse the new evidence.

We still don’t know and maybe never will, who or what had visited our school that day. But one thing is for sure, the children produced some incredible writing based upon it.


Enrichment Day


On Friday 16th February it was time for our second team day of the year. Children from Reception to Year 6 were put into mixed teams to take part in a variety of activities led by school staff. The day was another opportunity for children to try a range of experiences, build upon the expertise and skills of staff, as well as work in a team with a variety of children. Everyone had a fantastic day and this terms activities were: photography on Gentleshaw Common; a mini-beast hunt; circuit training, an archery masterclass; character drawing and yoga! We managed to fit a huge amount into just one day and can’t wait for the next one during the Summer Term.


Health Eating Assembly by School Council.

On Monday afternoon Mrs Parsons took a step back from assembly and handed the lead to our oldest School Council representatives. Myla and Sachin planned, rehearsed and led an entertaining and informative assembly all about healthy eating and snacking. With lots of audience participation, some very funny jokes and even a quiz, this was the perfect way to spread the important message about being healthy and having treats in moderation. Thank you and well done Myla and Sachin!

healthy eating assembly.jpg

Star Dome

Our first day back at school was out of this world – quite literally! The children were transported into the glistening night sky but we didn’t have to travel; we got to see it right in the comfort of our own school hall! Thanks to the National Space Centre, we had the incredible opportunity to sit and experience many exciting things inside the Star Dome! Some of us were told stories that were projected onto the dome walls and others of us learned about how the ancient Greeks created constellations in the stars! The stars that were projected onto the dome walls looked like dazzling diamonds on a black canvas. It felt like we were looking up at the real night sky as the shimmering stars surrounded us! Our aim over the next couple of months is to become star gazers and identify Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper and the Leo constellation. As well as being thrillingly exciting, the star dome was also educational and instilled new interests upon the children (and some staff)! 

star dome.jpg

R.E Day


On Friday 5th January, we did another exciting yet educational R.E day! The children got stuck into learning about a range of religions and a specific celebration of theirs. The school did various activities that helped them to understand the religious festival they were focusing on. Willow class looked at Hinduism and Kumbh Mela;  Sycamore also learned about Hinduism and their Holi festival ; Pine researched into the Tibetan Buddhist festival of Losar and Oak focused on the Jewish celebration of Purim. As always, the children loved to learn the stories and beliefs from the religion they were looking at. Our R.E days are aimed at providing the children with an enriching experience that educates them on beliefs from around the world; beliefs that they probably haven’t come across before, which makes it all the more interesting! 

E-Safety Day 04.01.18


Yesterday we focused on E-safety and how it important it is for our children to remain safe whilst online or when communicating via text etc. We are aware of the increasing amount of opportunities there are for children to access technology. This technology allows them to use the internet and to also speak to others whether through SMS messaging or facetime.  During our E-Safety day, the children focused on the many areas of technology that can be deceiving and misleading, ultimately resulting in potentially dangerous/upsetting situations. The children took part in many activities that highlighted what could happen if they aren’t sensible and safe online and when communicating on their phones and laptops. They looked at how is can be easy to fall into the traps on the internet and technology, including :  spam emails that encourage you to click links that download viruses; emails/texts that mislead you into sending personal information; passwords and people pretending to be somebody they aren’t when talking through social media or a chat room. As well as this, they also discussed how people can use technology to bully and upset others. The children learned how useful and beneficial the internet and technology can be, but that it is extremely important to be sensible when using them in order to have a fun and safe experience. 


A Day at St Georges 22.11.17

Today was a big day for Gentleshaw football team as we had reached the football finals at St Georges Park!


A massive well done to our coaches Mr Parr and Mr Shakesheave who have worked endlessly to get us this far. Well done lads!


Lets get straight to the action now as the first team we faced was St Andrews. Our team sheet looked like this:


Alfie GK

Willis DF

Jack M DF

Bryn DF

Ronnie DF

Sachin DF/MF

Tyler MF

Will MF

Archie ST

Full Match Report


We were quickly underway without any time wasted. Immediately we got stuck into a great game against St Andrews who came close very quickly. But we has some great defenders which meant we held them off and cleared the ball up the pitch. Sadly, St Andrews came on the attack again and scored. Oh no, 1 – 0. Mr Parr looked at the bench to bring on some fresh legs as things are getting sloppy. Straight from the restart we built up a counter attack! A few small passes opened up the defence and Jack stepped up to strike the ball home making it 1 – 1. Get in! As usual, St Andrews had the restart but they were panicking at the back. Then our lads had a great spell of possession. Great passing again meant that we had some chances. Then Jack again spotted the corner and unbelievably his strike ended up in the back of the net! 2 – 1 to the squirrels. Woo – Hoo! It was the closing stages of the game and the ref had a quick look at his watch. Time for one last attack which unfortunately went wide. The full time whistle went. Well done to the lads for getting their first win at the tournament. Three points! Epic!

Other Match Scores

Happily , Gentleshaw went on to win their next game 1-0 with a stunning goal from Archie! Unfortunately they lost their next game 2-0 but managed to get through to the final. We played a great team at the final and lost 5-0 but a massive achievement to all of our players. Well done lads!

By Willis Brown 

St Georges Park.png

Harvest Poetry Assembly

There are three things we love here at Gentleshaw: awesome assemblies; exciting poems and special harvest time! So what did we do? We combined all three and had a very enjoyable morning as a whole school. The children loved performing their poems as well as listening to the other classes do theirs. The atmosphere was wonderful, with the children all supporting each other and eagerly showing so much enthusiasm!
To start off the celebrations we had an extremely entertaining rendition of ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ with an interesting twist from Willow Class. They combined the poem with the ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ tune and created a super cool harvest rap!
Next to stand up and amaze us was Sycamore class with their poem ‘The Farmer.’ It taught us about the importance of harvest so our assembly wasn’t just fun, it helped us to learn too!
Following on from Sycamore, Oak class delivered their very merry ‘Harvest Samba’ song. It made us all dance and sing along: they shone like little samba superstars!
Ash class then did a fabulous rendition of ‘Five Little Pumpkins.’ This is the first time they have ever been a part of our amazing harvest poetry assembly and they made us all so proud! If you closed your eyes you would have thought you were listening to professional poets!
Last but not least was Pine’s powerful performance of ‘Autumn Days.’ Like Sycamore’s poem, Pine taught us many things about harvest as they projected their lines. What a dazzling job you did Pine! Our mix of poems, raps and songs made us appreciate harvest and everything special that it brings. The performances were ones to be proud of and we even think that Simon Cowell would be impressed! Well done children! 

Harvest Donations

At this time of year, the crisp Autumn leaves fall from the trees creating an outdoor carpet of the most beautiful browns, reds and oranges. It is a special time of year as the excitement of the upcoming Christmas season approaches. We not only appreciate the beauty of nature during this season, but also the things it gives to us. During Harvest, we feel grateful for all of the delicious crops that have been grown, collected and gathered! We know that we should be thankful for the food we eat and the meals that we thoroughly enjoy; this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Throughout the year we know it is important to give back to the community, but at this time of year especially! We know that some people need that extra bit of help when it comes to getting food. As a school, at this time every year, we all bring in food donations of all shapes and sizes! Amazingly by 9:00am, our hall was brimming with wholesome and scrumptious foods ready to be given to a great cause!  Our children are incredibly thoughtful and considerate: their generosity inspires us! In the hall sat endless tins, jars and packets of food that will be so nourishing and appreciated by those who need it. It makes our hearts warm to know that we have helped others. So at this time of year be thankful for not only nature’s Autumnal gifts of colourful leaves and frosty morning walks, but be grateful for what we have, the food we have on our table and the people we have around us.