Sports Funding

The government have awarded schools funding to enhance the provision of sport in all schools. We at Gentleshaw recognise the importance of sports and ensure that all classes are given access to high quality sporting activities. We are using the funding in the following ways:

1. To provide more before and after school provision.

2. To give access to sporting events such as high quality matches, football tennis, athletics, where children have an opportunity to watch and talk to sportsmen and women.

3. To work with other providers and schools to access a variety of different sports that children may not be able to access easily such as archery, canoeing, outdoor pursuits.

4. To use the skills learnt by the children to participate in local competitions, and challenges.

5. For our P.E co-ordinator to enhance his knowledge and skills to share with and up-skill other members of staff.

6. To organise many and varied sporting house events within school for all pupils to participate.