It all started when...




At Gentleshaw children become enthusiastic, lifelong learners that are ambitious, excited and have high aspirations. They are reflective, respectful and responsible citizens, well-equipped for the 21stCentury. Pupils’ know that their voice, views and opinions are valued and that they are always listened to and supported. Children develop into confident communicators with a drive to challenge themselves and achieve their personal best. Children know that their success will be celebrated and that they will leave Gentleshaw, prepared for the next chapter in their journey.



Learning which is stimulating, challenging, inspiring and enriching.  With high expectations for all, children strive to achieve their best through a range of innovative, engaging, enriching and exciting experiences, both in and out of school.   Children enjoy coming to school and are eager to share their learning and knowledge.  Achievement is high and children are determined to be the best that they can be, whilst having the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them.



A school community in which all stakeholders are welcome and proud to be part of.  It is inclusive, nurturing and supportive. A school family that is at the heart of the local community; working in partnership with parents, carers and friends. Excellence is the goal and the values underpin all aspects of our school life: honesty, equality, ambition, respect and tolerance. Diversity, celebrating and promoting equality and individuality are all celebrated. Gentleshaw school is an environment in which children are safe, happy and supported, creating memories to last a lifetime. The unique locality and local resources are utilised to support, enhance and progress children’s learning and development.



Through shared leadership and responsibility, staff and governors are passionate, pro-active and forward thinking; continually reflecting upon practice and developing strong and effective working relationships, with clear communication across all groups and stakeholders. Children are at the heart of all decisions, and the shared goal is to ensure that every child receives the best possible start to their learning journey.


From little acorns grow mighty oaks…